Health Class for Young Catholic Women


This material was created by Xhonané Olivas, as part of a class for our homeschool co-op in 2016-2017. We called it “Health Class for Young Catholic Women,” and offered it to high school students and their moms.


For young Catholic women (ages 15 and up) that have had their menses for at least a year, and their moms, interested in understanding the full meaning of Femininity, particularly, regarding Fertility Awareness and its health and psychological benefits. All materials are explicitly in line with Catholic teaching on health-related issues.


  1. Beauty of Femininity (Intro to TOB) – September
  2. Chastity – October
  3. Modesty – November
  4. Fertility Awareness (Intro to NFP) – January
  5. Temperature sign – February
  6. Mucus sign – March
  7. Contraception – April
  8. Fertility and Nutrition – May


  • Meetings will be once a month for 8 months, from September to May, excluding December.
  • During each session (about four hours), one participant family provides dinner for the rest of the group. Warm environment and a nice dinner is encouraged, as well as special care in decorating the dining table
  • There will be homework (readings, written assignments) between classes. Students were expected make summaries of those readings every class, as well as questions and/or comments.
  • Participation from the students and their mothers is expected.
  • Nicely and feminine dressed
  • All moms present, since we will have mom-daughter time

Material required

Our Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us!

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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